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A man who realised his boss had been editing his timesheet took to Reddit to ask users for advice on whether he should take further action – and everyone encouraged him to do it

A frustrated employee has exposed his boss after he discovered that he’d been changing his clocking out times so the company didn’t have to pay him overtime.

The anonymous man vented about the situation on Reddit, where he explained that despite working late, the firm didn’t want to pay him anything over what he’d earn in a 40 hour work week.

Often, he said his boss will ask him to complete tasks that require him to stay longer after his shift is supposed to finish.

He explained: “Sometimes, I’m 5 minutes over on one day, 10 minutes over on the next because something has cut my lunch short or replying to an email went a few minutes past 4pm.

“Or the time card system was so slow to load that it took 6 minutes to clock out.

“It’s legitimate working time, but it’s only a few minutes a week and they’re trying to be strict about 40 hours only.”

The worker claims that despite all of his work, his boss refused to pay him the extra time he worked.

“My boss told me they were going to do this because ‘we know your actual work doesn’t 100% fill your day so you have a lot of downtime and you shouldn’t be going over 40 hours’,” he wrote.

After checking his paychecks for the previous year, the worker realised the extra minutes he had worked added up to around $150, approximately £111, extra for the entire year.

He fumed: “If they need $150 that badly they can have it.

“My boss makes easily double what I do in a year and 80% of my department is salaried so it’s not like my employers are hurting for $150.”

The man concluded his post by asking users what he should do.

“I’m like 60% sure this counts as wage theft but I’m not sure it’s worth going down that road,” he continued.

“Is there anything I should be documenting specifically, just in case?”

The majority of Reddit users supposed his decision to “take action.”

One person said: “It’s absolutely wage theft and it’s absolutely worth taking action. Small problems become big problems.

“Get what you’re owed. If they won’t correct their behaviour go to the state Department of Labour.”

Another added: “Stop working those minutes. Just put down the pen (or hammer, or whatever your tool is) and walk away. Never work for free.”

While someone else said: “Walk on time no matter what. If he’s not paying your overtime, doesn’t matter if the job isn’t done at punch time, you leave.”

What do you think he should do? Let us know in the comments.