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The amusing TikTok video even shows the adorable little Frenchie falling asleep with her beloved plastic cup every night when she heads to bed

A French bulldog has melted hearts on TikTok after her owner shared the pup’s attachment to her unique choice of favourite toy – a plastic drinking cup.

Owner Ella Hylton explains that the adorable Frenchie has had the cup since she was a puppy, and that she now takes it everywhere she goes.

And it’s a fact which is clear to see in the clip, with the dog seen clinging to her beloved cup in a variety of spots around the house.

Even more bizarrely, Ella goes on to say that the two-year-old pup is so attached to her cup that she even sleeps with it every night, showing heartwarming clips of the Frenchie fast asleep on her back with the cup in her mouth.

TikTok viewers fell in love with the quirky Frenchie’s antics, dubbing her unusual accessory an “emotional support cup”, with one person commenting: “I’ve heard of a safety blanket… but this is the first time I’ve heard of a safety cup.”

Owners also took to the comments section to share the strange toy choices of their own dogs. “My Frenchie had a plastic spade for years – he loved it!” one person said.

“My dog does this with a giant knitting needle,” another claimed. A third user said that their pup used to carry their food bowl with them wherever they went.

This eccentric Frenchie isn’t the only dog who has warmed hearts with her unusual mouth antics lately.

The owners of Labrador Aurora , who hadn’t quite managed to grow out of her puppy teething habit of sucking on things for comfort, decided to get the dog her very own dummy.

Now the adorable black Lab can’t go without the pacifier, and a video posted by owner @authorsamanthatowle shows just how attached the pup is to her new comforting toy, wandering around the house with it stuck firmly in her mouth – prompting viewers to compare her to a human baby.